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Our Work

Our partnerships are worth bragging about, regardless of business and projects large or small.  While we are proud of all our completed work, here is a sampling of case studies in our portfolio with some of the featured clients. 

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As a 100-year-old non-profit, United Way of Greater Los Angeles was an old reputable brand with an aging audience that struggled to keep up with in-market fundraising competitors and engage with millennials in their engagement work. Learn how that changed in the last 4 years.


Flow Surf Academy

A new business idea required an identity, but one that captured more than just one line of business. Flow Surf Academy was created to demonstrate the positive impact of surf therapy on autistic children and young adults while encapsulating the surf culture of the Ventura County / 805 area into a hip new brand to be known in the local community.



L.A. Connected - City of LA

The city of Los Angeles in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic was providing services to those hardest hit requiring access to economic impact payments, unemployment benefit insurance, income tax credit, and other vital assistance needed to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic economic crisis. With a limited advertising budget, helping government reach those that needed help the most.


Cinema Entertainment Group

A new name, a re-brand, and a new digital footprint to celebrate over 50 years of combined movie theater business operations experience. CEG already a player nationally, was ready to flip the look of their business to attract a new line of clientele, investors, and international outreach. See how we helped CEG show off its professionalism.

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